Founder's Story

My name is Kelly, I was born in August YUP (VIRGO) in the South of Phoenix Arizona. That is where I've spent most of my life and where you can still find me. I loved fashion so much growing up. I just loved to get dressed up and feel great. Looking great and also my love for music has always been what my life has been about. When I made my clothing line, I wanted a vibe for those looking beautiful no matter your age or ethnicity. No matter your size. PLUS SIZE or skinny. Everyone has beauty in them. I believe we just all bring it out differently. Fashion always made me feel beautiful even on my worst days. Shopping always made things better so what's better than an online clothing store !? That's when I thought of Kelly's Kollection!!! I just gathered some beautiful pieces that had a different look and wanted to create a place where women could shop for club-wear, lingerie, accessories and even casual all in the comfort of your home. Get dressed to impress and just enjoy life... That's all fashion is one big ball of fun! You can wear anything YOU love, it's YOUR LIFE! YOLO stay killin' the Fashion game.